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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The day after

I slept in this morning. It was 7:30 before I stumbled out of bed, grogy from too much sleep. I hate it when I think I've missed the best part of the day.
The dogs are still sleeping. When I say their names they stir and stretch not yet ready to go out. They too had an eventful weekend.
It's already beginning to sizzle on the patio, and I scold myself for not getting out here sooner. But it is quiet, and calm. The aftermath of fun. I sit with my pen in hand ready to record the highlights of our weekend of festivities.
A surprise 75th birthday party for my mom, with the biggest surprise being most of her family home. She falls to knees when she sees her grandson and his wife. They are home on leave to celebrate her birthday. Friends have come to wish her well and surprise her on her special day.
A day of just family fun on Sunday, and a celebration of Independence last night made even more memorable when we look at our special guests. We know of the sacrifices these two and other families make, and we are grateful.   
I look around at the debris scattered across our yard. Just for a moment I pause, breathe in, and listen. I hear the baby birds calling for breakfast from their nest. Somewhere off in the distance I can hear a donkey braying. Someone slams a screen door. The cicadas and bees have their motors humming, and the peacock that lives up the road calls out just to let everyone know he is up. The train rumbling from town can be heard as it makes it way to parts unknown. The wind slightly rustles the leaves in the tree. I feel the heat of the sun as it hits the top of my foot. I smell fresh cut grass and the slight hint of black powder still lingers in the air and on the yard. I know my kids are sleeping safely in their beds, I smile. Their dad has gone to work so that he can be home early. My family and friends have all gone home (or back to the hotel) and the dogs are sleeping once again. This is the best part of the day. They are the best part of my life.
I open my eyes and think-"thank you."  "Thank you for giving me a life so rich and blessed."


teacherdance said...

I did get up early this am, not so early yesterday. What a beautiful description you wrote about the early morning, what you hear and smell and are thinking. I'm glad you had such a happy, happy day!

Stacey said...

I love the words you used (e.g., sizzled, stumbled, splattered) to paint such a vivid picture of your day. Beautiful writing.

Elizabeth G. said...

What a beautiful description of your morning. I felt like I was there with you. I love the quietness of the morning and the sounds of nature that interupt it. Sounds like the perfect way to start the day.

Michelle said...

This was a beautiful description -- touching all of the senses and bringing everything to life! We need these moments every now and again to bring us back, remind us what is truly important. Thank you for sharing!

elsie said...

What a wonderful memory you created on the Fourth! Your descriptive words brought it to life.