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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dot Dot Dot

“Seriously?” “You’re watching that again?” “How many times have you seen it… like 80?” My daughter grumbles as she meanders through the living room on her way to the kitchen (the only time she seems to venture from her room these days).  “It’s a great movie.” I tell her. “Whatever,” she grumbles. I hear her open the refrigerator and stand in front willing it to produce something appetizing.
“It’s iconic,” I tell her from the living room.  I can feel the eye roll from here (I told you the brother got it from her). “It’s a historic movie about mothers and daughters, relationships, growing up, love, commitment and second chances; what could be better?”
She perches on the arm of the loveseat as she pauses on the way back to her room, looking at me but glancing toward the movie. She hur- umphs, but her eyes stay focused on the screen. I wonder if she doesn’t secretly like it…just a bit.
“It has that girl in it you like, the one from Robin Hood.” I coax.
Silence, but she stays a little longer as I quietly hum along.  
“Iconic huh, how do you figure?” She challenges. “It’s just a dumb movie.”  She looks my way. “A musical no less,” and scowls as I start wiggling and singing along. I try to contain my cadence and need to dance!  
“It’s the only movie EVER written solely from songs of a rock group, one of your uncles’ favorite in the 70’s.” I explain. “It was a Broadway musical AND it has Meryl Streep and Pierce Bronson in it…DOT,DOT,DOT!”   I can’t hold it back any longer as I join in with- “Mamma Mia here I go again. My, my how can I resist it…”
She gets up and leaves. “It’s the best movie EVER” I yell at her closed door.
I grin and wonder if she’s dancing on the other side. I think she is.

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