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Friday, June 24, 2011


I like to write. I like to put words down and see how they fit together and blend into a story. Or how they can frame a moment in time. Or they can take the jumble ruins in my head and make them interconnected.

I like to try new words. I like to use words to create feelings. I like to position them in the perfect spot; then read them and know I have just painted a depiction of my thoughts, feelings, life, with my pen.

That’s what I want to “teach” my kids. I want to show them they can see, be, do, anything through writing.

I learned so many things from the All Write Conference I attended in Indiana this week. As I sat there bright and early Monday morning I covetously wanted to embrace it all. I wanted to see every session and hear every presenter. I text my husband and told him “I feel like I’m at a rock concert for teachers.”

But of course I could not “do” it all. So I had to pick and choose very prudently, and thoughtfully. I value the choices I made and the sessions I sat in on.

The next few days I am going to let everyone in on what I learned, relearned, and felt the few days I was there. It was an experience I will cherish forever.

I have been to MANY Professional Development Conferences in Oklahoma and some in Kansas. I will write about what is similar and what is different. I’ll give you my take on presenters, the place, the people, the FOOD, and how it felt to be the only girl from Oklahoma in a building full of Indiana (and some Michigan) teachers.

Tonight is just a teaser. It’s a HOOK to get you to come back.

I’ll leave you with quotes of the “common” thread I heard from every presenter both days about writing in the classroom and out; and my take on it.

Jeff Anderson-“energy- interesting, engaging-quick and to the point”

Ann Marie Corgill-“cover less-uncover more”

Katie Wood Ray-“zoom in on what you want to write about”

                             “what is behind the writing”

                             “own your writing”

On Mentor text: “find someone that writes like you want to teach”

My favorite from Katie:

“Copying is not writing, it’s handwriting if you understand writing you understand that it is more complex than that, but it can be made simple for younger children, you have to be willing to turn loose of the control.”

Georgia Heard: “pondering time-explore only one question”

Debbie Miller: “read aloud 10-12 books EVERY DAY”

                         “be deliberate show them how, then give them time to                                do it”

                         “reading well is reading and thinking at the same time”

Lester Laminick- “don’t be a tourist, be a participant”

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elsie said...

Glad you are back and love your new blog. I can't wait to read more about your learning and "ah-has". Tell me more!