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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

slicing over at Klinger Cafe...


Ahhhh and it is here.... the night before school eve.

The classroom is ready name tags all hung in a row.
A map of our school awaits so we’ll know just which way to go.
The children are home watching the sun set with dread.
And moms are dads everywhere are hollering “It’s time for a bath and bed.”

Ok I could go on, but I think it has already been done before. As you have probably guessed tomorrow is our first day of school. Am I ready? Ummmmm no probably not. I’ve checked and double check, but somehow there is always something I forget.
I've added a  few shots of my kitchen table. New lunch bag from 31 even though I just live around the corner-check. Math Journals- check. Work Activity folders- check. Writing folders- Check. Labels to stick on tomorrow- check. Our new “Dollop of Our Day” journals- check (I know much like slice of life). Lesson plan book-check. Filled with incredible lessons….uhhh sure check-check. Some REALLY great new books to read-check, check, check, check, cheeeeckkkkkkkk you get the picture. And a too cute not to snap photo of Kodi who’s going to miss me tomorrow-check
I am excited to see my new kiddos tomorrow, but I always have this feeling before the first day of school of “what if I don’t know what to do?” “What if I forget something?” “What if I can’t remember their names?” “What if I over sleep?”
There will be no sleep for me tonight, but I’ll bet there won’t be too many of those kiddos sleeping either.
Ahhhh it is the night before the first day of school.
And I think this year is going to be really cool!

On a side note. I hope all my blogging friends in Indiana are ok after the terrible storms you have been having. I hope none of your family or friends were caught in the tragedy at the state fair and Sugarland concert.

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